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edo bed


Fully custom. The bed pictured is a queen, and externally measures 85 7/8” long x 65” wide x 49 1/4” tall (at the headboard). The top of the mattress sits 25 inches high.


All solid hardwoods. Pictured here is a bed with a cherry frame and panels, with 'woven' trim made of walnut.


Special Features

  • Floating, solid wood panels set into 'interwoven' lattice made of contrasting wood

  • Inspired by Japanese architecture and decor, particularly the shoji screen

  • All wood joinery, making the construction incredibly solid for generations to come

  • Wedged, 'through' mortise-and-tenon joinery, in the Japanese tradition

  • Easily assembles and breaks down without any use of tools


7,200 to 10,300 (depending on sizes and options). Please call for a specific quote.

Edo Bed in Cherry with Walnut Accent
Edo Bed Closeup
Edo Bed, Tired Miles
Edo Bed in Curly Maple with Bubinga
Edo Bed (In Process)
Edo Bed, Wood Selection
Edo Bed, Wood Selection
First Edo Bed, Circa 1997

The more time you spend with this bed, the more its initial simplicity gives way to subtle complexity.  The carefully proportioned panels, each a different size, balance and center the bed in a way most people don’t notice at first glance.  The strength of the construction is displayed in the through tenons - twelve in all - which are wedged and highly polished.  The pins appear to be randomly placed but are in fact precisely balanced.  The result is a strong, pleasing presence as the center of your bedroom sanctuary.

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