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You have better things to do than to sit and read me talking about myself. It would be much better to meet you in person (a phone call would be great, a visit to my shop even better) and we can get to know each other that way. You know, the way people used to do? 


But okay, here are a couple of facts about me, conversation starters perhaps?

  • I started making wood furniture professionally in 1994, and I opened my own shop in 2007.

  • I have two amazing, beautiful, sassy, talented, growing-up-way-too-fast kids, Julia and Miles.

  • I have two degrees in theology which I don't use any more, except when I try to impress people with my ancient Greek language skills. Pro tip: this works best on people who don't know any ancient Greek.

  • I love the Beatles, the Red Sox, and the Houston Oilers (may they rest in peace).

  • I live in an actual Tiny House -- down the hill from my woodshop -- with my beautiful fiancé Alyssa, who is a ridiculously talented artist. See what I mean?

  • Together we love to cook, garden, create, travel, play with the kids, drink coffee and wine, and eat. Especially eat.

  • I never stop designing. My design-mind never turns off, no matter what I'm doing. It's weird. 

  • I live in Wimberley, Texas, just outside of Austin. I love Texas so much, and I also can't stand it. Let's talk.

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