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the giving table


Fully custom, but most commonly 54"-58" in diameter when closed, ​150" - 175" long when opened



All solid hardwoods. Pictured in this gallery are six different Giving Tables, materials for each are listed in the captions when you click on them.


Special Features

  • Seats four when closed, up to twenty when fully extended.

  • Sizes and materials are fully customizable.

  • Custom table leaf storage cabinets are available upon request.


7,400 to 11,300 (depending on sizes and options). Please call for a specific quote.

The process of designing the first Giving Table was a perfect example of how I like to work with clients.  This lovely family of four wanted a dining table that would be small enough for every day use, yet one that could extend to seat up to twenty guests.  They also asked that the table’s perimeter be somewhat clear of legs in order to reduce interference with chairs.  They gave me pictures of the setting, wherein sits a beautiful china cabinet with a woven branch pattern across the front glass.  With all this input, the table seemed to designed itself.  Fitting for a piece that feels as alive as this one.


We delivered this table to its charming Ft. Worth family on Christmas Eve, just in time for the next day when it served 19 happy guests for dinner.  There were seemingly insurmountable challenges and worries to this project at the outset (I had less than a month to make it, for one), but this gracious table yielded to me at every turn.  Perhaps it wanted to be there for Christmas as well. Maybe it sounds strange, but I really appreciate it for that.  


The table extends by way of removable leaves (I have made as few as four and as many as ten), which can be added in any number to make the table the perfect length for any occasion. Each leaf features brass pins and sockets, as well as a brass lock on either end, making the entire extended structure surprisingly sturdy.