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Read Write Do, Day 6

Read This

“Hope” is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops - at all

~Emily Dickinson

Write About This

What might it mean, in our current situation, for hope to perch within us and "sing the tune without the words?"

Do This

Go out in nature, look at the birds (which are right now scurrying to build their nests). Watch their purposeful flights. Listen to their cheerful, word-less songs. Breathe deeply and let their hopefulness into your own soul.

Read Write Do is a three-part activity intended to help our minds and hearts grow, rather than shrink, during the time we are all staying home. If you "sign up" using the above button it will drop into your email box every morning for thirty days. No cost, no nonsense. Just something nice to do.

Once you're signed up you may log in and leave comments below. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences.