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luna table


Fully custom. We have made Luna Tables up to fourteen feet long and forty two inches wide. And we've made one as short as fifty six inches long by twenty eight inches wide. 



All solid hardwoods. Pictured in this gallery are three different Luna Tables, materials for each are listed in the captions when you click on them.


Special Features

  • All wood joinery, no metal fasteners are used (except in attaching the top to the base, for the sake of easy removal)

  • Feet are made of seventeen 1/8" thick stacked laminations, bent around a form, for incredible strength and elegance.

  • Originally designed to have a minimal footprint, making the table easy to clean around


4,100 to 9,300 (depending on sizes and options). Please call for a specific quote.

Luna Table in Mahogany
Luna Table in Bubinga
Luna Table in Mahogany
Luna Table in Bubinga
Luna Table in Bubinga
Luna Table in Long Leaf Pine
Luna Table in Bubinga
Luna Table in Mahogany
A Luna Table Someone Else Made

A client in Austin asked for a large, custom dining table that would seat at fourteen people. She brought pictures of a Shaker communal table and asked if I could use that as a starting point for something a bit more modern. I cleaned the lines up, gave it a more geometrical, architectural feel, and this table. 


The first Luna Table was made from clear longleaf pine that was reclaimed from the beams of a demolished Texas warehouse. Since then, several versions of the table have been made in different sizes, using different varieties of wood. I was honored to have the Luna Table featured in a 2010 issue of American Woodworker. 

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