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table leaf storage sideboard


Fully custom. The piece pictured is 72 inches wide, 42 inches tall, and 17 inches deep.



All solid hardwoods. Pictured in this gallery is a sideboard made of rock maple and walnut, with curly maple details.


Special Features

  • Custom carved, three dimensional branch patterns on bifold doors, designed to complement The Giving Table

  • Leather-lined table leaf racks, custom sized to hold extension leaves for The Giving Table

  • Twenty solid hardwood, dovetail-constructed drawers for table linens, flatware, and whatever else is needed for the perfect table service.

  • Several tiny, special details (see pictures).

  • Sizes and materials are fully customizable.


13,300 to 18,500 (depending on sizes and options). Please call for a specific quote.

This very complex, very ambitious project began as a request from one of my favorite client couples. They already owned one of my Giving Tables, along with eight extension leaves, and they wanted a place to store the leaves when they weren't in use. Once we started imagining a storage cabinet together it quickly grew in size and complexity. Eventually the design included no less than twenty pull-out drawers for storing table linens, flatware, and many other table-setting supplies. We sized the large cabinet precisely to fit their space (see pictures).


When it came to style, we decided on to marry mid-century aesthetics with the forms of The Giving Table, and then added a bit of whimsey (see the 'leaf' pulls - get it?) and lots of small details. The three-layered branch carvings in the corners of the doors are especially striking, with the rock maple of the outer layer giving way to the curly maple of the middle, and eventually opening to reveal the dark walnut background. These three woods were layered within when it was crafted, then carefully carved out.

The storage racks themselves, below the drawers, feature genuine leather-lined holders and custom carved end caps, just for a little extra fun. The leaves store horizontally, on request of the clients, so there is third rack hidden in the back of the cabinet to support the leaves from sagging over time.