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I Deserve Better

For some people the hardest thing to say is “I love you.” For others it’s “I’m sorry.” The most difficult words for me are “This is what it costs.” I can love and apologize all day long, but when it’s time for me to say how much money I need for something I’m making out of wood, my insides clinch up like an old man who just ate a whole jar of dollar store peanut butter. “That’ll be…” I stammer, “how about er...the price will be...uh…say…maybe $[ insert amount that is about half what the thing is actually worth ]. Does that sound ok?” I mumble. Then before they can answer I add, “I love you. I’m sorry.” Politely ignoring that awkward last part, the person usually says yes. I won’t say I’m a s

Be Quiet

Sound affects me. And so it affects my work. There is a moment in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance when the narrator takes his bike to a mechanic but quickly leaves after hearing the radio blaring. He believes that when a person is working with his hands s/he ought never be listening to anything – even music – because it will divide attention and the work will suffer. I read this book right around the time I quit my stable career in favor of my wobbly hobby. I ate it up, because I loved how Pirsig ascribed such soaring nobility to the mind and soul (and not just the hands) of the manual laborer. It helped me find words to defend my new ‘blue collar’ life as a highly intellectual and

Why Can't I Forgive Myself?

“It’s not going to go,” Michael said. His face was hidden on the other side of the giant wardrobe. I was left to judge his mood from his voice alone, which was factual and sober. “It’s not going to fit.” “It has to!” I protested. “I measured it. It has to fit. I took measurements!!” “Well,” he said, “It doesn’t.” A tiny bit of sharp irritation bit through his tone this time. A peek at what must have been a huge, hidden mass of terror and desperate embarrassment. He didn’t even release a sigh, for fear of what else might come out with it. Can’t completely lose it with the client, Richard, standing right there. “What do you mean?” Richard asked calmly. “You can’t get it through the door?” “It’