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Be still.

There it is. I was looking for it. I was starting to wonder if I'd find it at all, after coming all this way. A plane over the Atlantic, a train from London, another from Edinburgh, another from Glasgow. Then a ferry, another ferry, a nearly empty bus across the Isle of Mull, another ferry to Iona. Then the long walk here, to the abbey. Where I started looking for it. They told me it was here. They told me this island, this abbey, was a "thin place," a holy site where the membrane that separates this life from the next is as thin as tissue. Where you don't have to strain your eyes as hard to see God. They didn't say where I should look, specifically, once I got to the abbey. Was it on the hi

Exposing Everything

Who was it that first decided we should hide from view the parts of furniture that make a piece function? Who first said we need to conceal the drawer slides, the door hinges, the carefully crafted joints? Was it the same person who decided we should hide our real selves from one another, put on faces that are always happy and exciting and put-together? The person who told us that our real reality — the messiness/sadness/boringness of life — is unattractive, uninteresting, uninspiring? That nobody wants to see the behind-the-scenes stuff that makes life work? He’s a liar, whoever he was.

Made By Hands

To own a thing made, from start to finish, by a single pair of hands is a privilege that is now nearly extinct. Look around your house, what do you own that was made for you by a single person? Whatever it is, treasure it. Hold gracious thoughts for the woman or man who crafted it, for she/he held gracious thoughts of you as they worked.